Razor International announced Tuesday its state-of-the-art electronic, automated landing gear control system is now Bluetooth enabled and Smart Trailer ready.

“While drivers will find it more convenient to deploy and retract the trailer landing gear using Razor Drive from their phones, the ability to remotely know the status of the legs also enhances safety,” says Chris Guttormsson, vice president, sales and marketing, Razor International USA. “Our new integration with existing telematics systems also allows carriers to access the same information, including activity logs, and control the landing gear for security. With Bluetooth enabled and Smart Trailer ready technology advancements for Razor Drive, we are helping carriers limit risk and making it easier for drivers to more safely and efficiently raise and lower landing gear.” Double Edge Razor

Razor International debuts automated landing gear control system | Trucks, Parts, Service

Through the new Razor Connect app for Apple or Android phones, Razor International says drivers and fleets using Razor Drive can control landing gear remotely using Bluetooth and an integration with on-board trailer telematics systems. Information available includes the status of the landing gear, including its position and whether it is being raised or lowered. Activity logs are also available in the app for troubleshooting, the company adds.

Razor International debuts automated landing gear control system | Trucks, Parts, Service

Custom Straigh Razor Now available in North America, nearly 30,000 Razor Drive units are in use worldwide. The ruggedized, self-contained electric device raises and lowers semi-trailer landing gear with the press of a button. With additional features of an optional wireless remote control and failsafe manual backup, Razor Drive makes it easy for drivers of all statures and physical capabilities to hook and drop trailers, the company says.