CHELSEA, Ala. (WBRC) - Chelsea Fire and Rescue hosted a week of hands-on training for the fire service.

ALEA and firefighters from multiple departments around Central Alabama gathered for the training. Yoga Mat Non Slip

Chelsea Fire and Rescue host training for rope rescues

This type of training teaches firefighters basic rope skills needed to preform rope rescues in emergency situations.

Captain Billy Rickett said the entry level technician class demonstrates how a rescue would work in a low angle environment.

“Off steep embayment’s, sides of interstates or highways, sometimes out here there could be small recreational cliffs that people might find themselves stuck on and we have to preform a rescue in those situations,” Rickett said.

ALEA brought in one of their helicopters to show how these firefighters will work with them in these rescue situations.

“In certain situations, we might have to rescue where we can actually utilize the helicopter,” Rickett said. “The helicopter would fly down, tie into some of the rescuers and potential victims and then fly away with them and take them to a safe location.”

The more they train on situations like this, the more comfortable these firefighters will be.

“And that’s really the important thing, giving you the confidence to know that hey I’m okay in this environment now I can go help whoever is not okay,” Rickett said.

Chelsea Fire and Rescue is an agency that specializes in different skill sets needed to handle any situation, and that’s exactly what the training was meant for.

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Chelsea Fire and Rescue host training for rope rescues

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