Color-Stable eOrange Masterbatch Developed for E-Mobility Applications |

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Color-Stable eOrange Masterbatch Developed for E-Mobility Applications |

RAL2003 pastel orange increasingly is selected to identify plastic-sheathed, high-voltage, current-carrying components in e-mobility vehicles. The vivid color alerts users to the potential hazards of this relatively new technology. German suppliers of polymer additives and masterbatches Brüggemann and Grafe have jointly developed the eOrange masterbatch for polyamides. Known under the trade name PA-Tekolen, the material retains its cautionary color without fading even after 1,000 hours of service at 130°C (266°F), according to the companies. Unlike preformulated compounds, eOrange offers processors considerable flexibility in meeting specific requirements while optimizing material consumption.

The new masterbatch can be used for PA6, PA66, and glass-fiber-filled and flame-retardant polyamides without adversely affecting the materials’ mechanical properties. Its performance is based on a combination of thermally stable dyes with special heat stabilizers developed by Brüggemann for polyamides. Possible applications include high-voltage connectors, insulation for high-voltage cables, cable conduits, and charging sockets or fasteners for electric vehicles. Wiring harness clips are already in series production, and formulations for other polymers are available on request.

The companies initiated work on this project in late 2019. “Brüggemann’s high-performance heat stabilizers and its know-how protect the polymers from unwanted changes, while Grafe contributes its expertise in coloring and upgrading plastics,” explained Grafe’s Lars Tonnecke. “Customer benefits include ease of use of the masterbatches when tailoring individual applications and associated flexibility and cost advantages.”

Grafe is the first point of contact for the use and distribution of eOrange. A specialist in high-performance heat stabilizers and other functional additives for polyamides, Brüggemann can provide advisory support and supply small volumes for the custom development of specific applications.

Color-Stable eOrange Masterbatch Developed for E-Mobility Applications |

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